Upgrade Short to Full Course

What is the Upgrade Course?

Upgrading from your short course to the associate course will provide up to 10 sessions of one-to-one training with your allocated tutor with you driving/riding your own vehicle. For Driver Training your tutor sits alongside you in your vehicle. For Rider Training your tutor will follow you on their own bike and stop from time to time to provide feedback and instruction.

The training is based on the training given to Police Drivers and Riders. We use a training manual called ‘Roadcraft’ or ‘Motorcycle Roadcraft’. It is a valuable learning aid to help raise your driving/riding competence to a higher level.

We will work on areas observed from your short course and cover the “system of car/bike control” and other principles from Roadcraft with a view to you working towards applying for your advanced test (although taking the test is not compulsory).

The aim is to improve your driving/riding ability and improve your safety for that and of other road users. Raising your awareness of your current situation to improve your ability to control the position and speed of your vehicle relative to the situation. The Roadcraft system of car/bike control is a methodical approach to hazards which increases your safety by giving you more time to react in complex situations.

As you will have already paid £25 for the short course, you will only need to pay the difference which is currently £20.  This upgrades your course to the full associate course.

What are the benefits or this course?

The chance to achieve the highest standard of driving or riding available to civilians.

Training with a qualified tutor who will provide guidance and practical examples to help you acquire new skills and confidence followed up by written feedback to help you improve.

A copy of either ‘Roadcraft’ or ‘Motorcycle Roadcraft’ and the Highway Code if you apply for the Full Associate Course.

You will improve your skills on the road by increasing your observation, hazard perception and anticipation and will become a better, safer driver/rider by increasing your awareness of all the factors affecting your driving/riding – your own capabilities, the characteristics of your vehicle, and the road and traffic conditions, for the benefit of all road users.

You will become more confident and enjoy your driving/riding more.

A year’s membership of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders Cornwall and their programme of meetings and events.

The possibility of cheaper insurance if you pass the test, and savings on running costs.

Meeting like-minded people who are interested in being better, safer drivers and riders

Who provides the training?

One of our skilled, trained volunteer tutors will be allocated to you. This may be the same tutor who provided your short course, but this depends on availability and location, so you may be allocated a different tutor.

A mid-course check is usually carried out with a different tutor and they or another different tutor will carry out a pre-test check also.

Who can apply for the course?

Anyone who was eligible for training and has completed the short course may take the course.

(It is not a pre-requisite to take a short course before doing the associate course).

What are the qualifications / advancement that can be taken after this course?

The RoSPA Advanced Driving or Riding Test

The RoSPA advanced driving or riding test is regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging available to the public. It is unique as it is graded Bronze, Silver or Gold. A RoSPA Gold is the highest civilian driving/riding standard available.

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