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What is Advanced Driving or Riding?

It is about ‘high-quality’ driving and riding, something that most people can achieve given the right training and a willingness to learn. The most important principle that lies behind everything we do is ’safety comes first’. We are part of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.  By becoming a RoSPA Advanced Driver or Rider you should get more pleasure out of being on the road and  at the same time equip yourself with skills  that will enable you to get the best out of whatever you drive or ride.

Advanced drivers  and riders are more observant and better at anticipating changes in the surrounding conditions than most other road users. Because of this they are able to plan their motoring to deal with the ever increasing demands of the present day.

The tutoring provided by our qualified team of tutors is based on the training given to Police Drivers and Riders. We use a training manual called ‘Roadcraft’ or ‘Motorcycle Roadcraft’.

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders believe in maintaining high standards so every three years  our skills are reassessed.

Who provides the training?

Our team of local volunteer RoSPA tutors  have all passed the advanced test at a high grade and have been trained and assessed in order to meet the requirements to provide training for you.

They take retests every three years so you can be sure that you will receive one-to-one tutoring to a high standard. 

Can anyone get help from our group?

We are willing to work with anybody who  is over the age of 18 and  holds a full driving licence. Your car or bike needs to be well maintained and capable of sustaining 70 m.p.h on a motorway or dual carriageway.

We hope that by the end of your training you will be capable of passing the RoSPA Advanced Driving or Riding test but that is not a requirement of us working with you.

What courses do we offer?

We offer three courses and an upgrade course.  Which ever course you take you will be assigned your own tutor.
For Driver Training your tutor sits alongside you in your vehicle.
For Rider Training your tutor will follow you  on their own bike and stop from time to time to talk to you.
Driver or Rider
Full Associate Course
Driver & Rider Course
Upgrade Short to Full

What are the benefits?

The chance to achieve the highest standard of driving or riding available to civilians.

Training with a qualified tutor who will provide guidance and practical examples to help you acquire new skills and confidence followed up by written feedback to help you improve.

A copy of  either  ‘Roadcraft’ or ‘Motorcycle Roadcraft’ and the Highway Code if you apply for the Full Associate Course.

A year’s membership of  RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders Cornwall and their programme of meetings and events.

The possibility of cheaper insurance if you pass the test, and savings on running costs.

Meeting like minded people who are interested in being better, safer drivers and riders.

Already an Advanced Driver or Rider?

1.  If you hold a current RoSPA Advanced Driving or Riding qualification you can join our group as a  ‘FULL  MEMBER’ for just £15 p.a.  and receive all the benefits of the group including refresher training for your three-yearly retest.

2. If you hold an advanced driving or riding qualification with another organisation  such as IAM and you wish to achieve the RoSPA qualification you will need to enrol on an  ‘Associate Course’ –  cost £45.

3. If you wish to join our group but do not wish to take the RoSPA test, even though you might have done it in the past, then you can join as a ‘Group Member’. Cost £15. You will be welcome  to attend group events or meetings but  Group Members do not receive one-to-one training.

n.b. Under our constitution – Group members are not allowed to serve on the committee as Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer

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